Fairy tales begin like that: Once upon a time...


In 1996, during a trip to the island of Madagascar, Brigitte Billardey meet virgin and authentic landscapes, offering  fruits with forgotten perfumes , which is added to the warmth of the Malagasy people.

“Every year, during seasonal fruit, since the age of 15, I perpetuated the family tradition of ritual jams: wonderful moment of intimacy between my pot, fruit, sugar, all my senses were awaken. Madagascar trigger off an explosion of memories and rediscovered scents of childhood .I’m laying there my bags ".

In 2005, Brigitte prepares a ginger jam for his restaurant- keepers’ friends. They appreciate it and order a small production for their guests. The idea makes her so enthusiastic that she creates a nice packaging in which will appear on the label: "Ginger, a Powerful Aphrodisiac. To be consumed with moderation ".All the opposite occurs.

In 2006 Brigitte represent Madagascar at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris. She will achieve a great success and will return every year for 6 years.

"Le Salon du Chocolat in Paris is a ludic place, full of surprises and delights: I felt like Alice in Wonderland".

Meet the small Malagasy producers around the Big Island; Brigitte discovers the fragrances of vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa, pepper and the unique taste of the natural fruits.

She innovates jelly vanilla: Extraordinary Madagascar vanilla with flowering and sensual perfume. Then,following multiple variations of fruits: with spices, honey, rum.

One day, Brigitte met the Grand Chocolatier François PRALUS in Madagascar. Between these two Epicureans, both in love with Madagascar will born great friendship. Under the care of Francis PRALUS, Brigitte’s jams seduce a very famous and international reputation parisian department store .Building a laboratory is essential!

"My jams will travel under the name of" Bernadette de Lavernette ", my dear mother, whom I thank for the transmission of her know-how and her unique secret : a pinch of love in every jar".

In 2008, Brigitte will be selected and invited to Tokyo to participate in the 33th International Exhibition of the FOODEX. Above some importers, one of them, seduced by the quality of her products sign an exclusive contract.

"This country so distant, so misunderstood, with feared requirements, opened its doors .What a delicious reward for me to see my jams appreciated by Japanese whose taste is of a great sensitivity."

In 2009, Brigitte was awarded a special prize for her jams at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris.

In 2010, Brigitte received an International Excellence Award for her candied fruit and candied chili at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris. The same year, she was invited to the Salon du FABEX Tokyo. She built a large laboratory with European standards more demanding and introduces the manufacturing process complying with HACCP standards.

Today, the Bernadette de Lavernette products are exported in France, Belgium, Japan, Reunion, Switzerland, the Caribbean (St. Barthelemy), Taiwan,...

Thank you to you foodies, gourmets for allowing me to live this fairy tales and build relationships delicacies, friendship around the world.